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Thank God Its Black Friday ---

The term "Black Friday" originally was named because of the heavy traffic on that day. Its a day when most of the shops open at 5 am (thrusday all the shops are closed) and people (Desis, Chinki, Caucasians, Afro etc), all ages from 5 to 75 stand rather sleep(with sleeping bags) in the queue from 7 pm previous night (yea 10 hrs ahead 0f opening time). The reason is that stores would have some item sold at half price with limited quantity 10 or 20. Its all the supply Demand bull. It's on this day people have no time for sorry n please n appreciate. You might be wondering whats so special of this TG day shopping, well U can' get a (Wireless Mouse, Blue Tooth head set, Creative Noise Canceling head set, 2 Gb SD card all for Free of Cost yea I mean 0$ after filling the laborious PIA rebates) on other days. The best part is that if you miss out or fill in the wrong info on rebate forms then the shopkeepers would say thanks for giving .

Well this was how we (Saurab,Sunder,Vinit n Myself ) started our thanks giving shopping last year. 11 pm to 2 am repairing vinit's car (fixing his head light), Half went to Best Buy n Half went to Circuit City and remaining to CompUSA (Sholay's Asrani stlye) . It was relatively warm that day - 2 C (yea when it was -13 C some days back), and standing the queue for 3 hrs was not that easy. (Yea just remembered previous thanks giving it was -17 C).

5 am was when our dreams turned tangible, door opened and bang 500 people jumped into the shop. Got the flier and quickly headed towards the items. Just like "Maine Pyar Kiya"s dialog -- "No sorry No thank you " was our policy. Because if u utter sorry then next sec you would feel sorry for missing an item. Just put your head down and grab the items. At times grabbed items from some one else hand. Darwin would be proud that his theory "Survival of Fittest works here". In next 1 hr we were filling our shopping carts and headed towards what was called Moksha -- yea billing. Another 30 and we were out, feeling on top of the world. I felt one step above that because-- the billing guy had forgotten to bill one of my items. woooppeee.

Finally at 11 am when we were done with phase 2 and 3 of shopping we headed towards the bed. My roomie had just woken up, told Good Morning and slept. Next 1 week all we were doing was filling rebates and rebates. The real PIA. (Pain In Ass)

This Thanks Giving Shopping was rather non existential, no motivation and as no company to shop. Yea forgot I was in office and blogging this blog.


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