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Picture Abhi Baaki Hai doston............

What's common between Deepika Padukone, Richard Illingworth(Eng), Nilesh Kulkarni(IND)--- they all have one of the greatest Debut any one can ever dream off. Yup Wicket on the first ball.

I have not seen a better actor (female) who having a better debut than namma (our) Mount Caramel Deepika, n boy she is one of those actors(female) who looks fabulousness and acts great is an understatement.

OK OK - OK is OK ..... let me come back to the movie-- U guessed it OOOM SHANTI OOM. This Deepaavali I wanted to do some thing really memorable, what better can it be watching OSO n blogging about it. So at 5 pm got the tickets(Online), and was on I-101 "freeway" at 5:15 in the carpool lane along with my colleague. They say "Agar dil sey chaho to Khuda bhi milajata hai, freeway to use bahut maamuli hai". They say Friday 5 - 7 pm never travel on I-101, i just took the challenge. For the next 1 hr I was traveling, driving aka breaking and reached Century theaters at 6:35 (yup only 1 hr for 22 miles). To be frank its one of the worst theaters that I have ever visited, dirty seats, bad seating arrangements, horrible sounds, blore's Urvashi theater was 10 times better.

The movie through out was like a photo slide shows, there was no smooth transition between scenes, but each slides were good. The movie lacked richness n intensity n class, the sets looked very cheap, Deepika appeared top heroine only from SRK point of view. Even the filmfare scene looked like a 2nd degree set and felt like people were actually acting. It looked like "Diwali's Ram Leela", but full points to execution of the scene. Gosh getting over 30 actors all well dressed on one stage is amazing. Akshay Kumar's cameo was the best.

The movie was more like a Buffet lunch in bay area, the best thing you can get for 10 bucks, n items packaged into one component. Individually you wouldn't have liked each item, but the end of day it would fill your mind n stomach. The one thing that movie lacked is intensity what Chak De INDIA had & it would be SRK top performance till date. OSO was more quantity rather that quality, but in today's zaalim world we prefer quantity over quality. You would have a Buffet over single custom menu meal-- Don't you think so?

I just loved the ending for the movie rather that showing "THE END " or some fundu shayeri, all the people associated with OSO both onscreen n offscreen did a final ramp. The technicians must have felt on top of the world. The best part of our theater was the at 10:12 the next show guyz started to pour in before people of our shows had left. At one point we had like 2 batch of people, felt so much like INDIA, the crowd, yelling, shouting we couldn't go out they couldn't come in.

All I felt was "Picture Abhi Baaki Hai doston............"........


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