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My Obsession with Analogy

Continuing the "My Obsession series"--
People who have read my blogs have told that I am good when it comes to analogies, one of my friend went a step further & told that " Manish+Analogy=Manology", I felt extremely honored. Till date I knew that I had good sense of Humor, now I have good sense of Analogy. Lets see how it goes.

Entering I-101 highway during peek hrs is like middle order batsman enters at 60 / 3 in 21th over. With Murli and Jayasurya bowling with close in fielder.Things move very slowly, playing the ball in the gaps is difficult, you find fielders every time, i.e bumper to bumper traffic, tough to find space to over take. Overs and time pass quickly runs hard to come.i.e time and gas (fuel) pass quickly miles hard to cover.

You can soon sense batsman or i.e car drivers talking risks in order to get that extra yard, some times moving left,some times moving right, they start changing gears frequently. Both need to chill out either take a drinks break for or switch on the music. Both trying their best to reach their destination quickly and safely, with frustration being the common denominator. When the bowling or i.e traffic eases both of them would step on the gas pedal. Runs and Miles pass by easily n quickly,both drive their way to the destination.

Finally Both say Home Sweet Home

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