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The last time when I heard about this senior junior saga was when I just moved to bangalore for my BE at PESIT. Friends and Relatives had told me a lot of senior-junior tussle and ragging stuffs, and I was really scared about that. But fortunately for us it never existed in PESIT. It was ragging free campus where, if I can remember seniors were scared for junior. Much like in the current INDIAN team. :) I never spoke any senior for the first 6 months rather other way round. But I had enough ragging in SMYS hostel which I can't forget. Nor any one in our batch can. Lets come back to main topic--Getting Old

There is a saying "Never ask Man's Salary and Women's Age", just to add that never ask Cricketer's age, which apparently has struck the INDIAN cricket, ask Dravid and Ganguly. So called "Veteran" is now a malign term, which one wants to get attached. Just before the disaster WC 07, there were talks about who will fit into "seniors" shoes, who will replace them. But post-Tic20 (T20) WC things have changed dramatically. Bunch of teenagers are giving seniors a "run for their money" literally. Apart from Bhisma Pitamah (chubby faced sachin) every one is under scanner. Kumble had been rested more than he played for 4 years since 03 WC and he finally gave up after 07 WC.

If this saga continues then we would have 30 as the new 40, on his 30th birthday cricketer would miss a heart beat, would start counting his days in INDIAN cricket. Then he would start hiding his age, like how women do. In any field having experience is very important, but the problem with exp is age factor. There is a +ve correlation with exp and age. No sooner he gains exp he would lose out the age factor. The records factor in terms of matches played or runs scored would be out of question.

Well may be doors for ICL or IPL would open, player would play for INDIA get exp and then move to IPL if they are young or ICL if they are too old.

Well done Mr M S Dhoni, well done you are taking INDIA to the right level, and b/w what's u r age 26 years 258 days or shall I call it 27. Hmmm getting close to 30 ha. Sorry

Staying alive

Back in Indy where we 4 shared 2 bed room apt, shared groceries, cooked for 4, once in 4 days, followed a cooking roaster. We also followed the a strict schedule or time table as so what time food should be ready for dinner. Delay in cooking dinner or error in the food that is prepared, would make the night of other 3 miserable. Cooking for 4 was almost like cooking in a dharamshala. I treated it like a prayog shala, a tesing lab, testing out your new recipes. And since every one would be hungry eventually would gallop what ever is cooked.

Since you literally cook once a week one never really felt the pain of cooking, I actually enjoyed it throughly. Actually I don't remember cooking any thing apart from the trade mark sambar, which was a major hit. Just changed the vegetables every time. The best part was extending it to 5 persons in case was the easiest. Person's mood could be easily determined in the food that he has cooked is cooked.

Staying/cooking alone in CA for 7 months I have learn't and followed certain rules and certain theories. Hope any of them makes sense.

[1] You are the client and you are the server. You set the functional requirements and you do the Quality Assurance.
[2] Polymorphism is the key, cook meal that exists in different forms. Ideally dal is a dish which goes with either rice or chapati or dosa, or bread.
[3] Always remember 5 lunch meals rule, thats your minimum target. This the min number dibbas that is required to complete a week.
[4] Have fortitude(fore thought) when you cook, it's not how well it tastes, but how many meals it serves. Whats the point of cooking for 30 min and you realize that is lasted for only one meal. What a waste of man power and resources.
[5] No matter how long it takes to cook, it takes same time to digest and assimilate.
[6] Food stays only 3 mins in mouth but 3 hrs in stomach. Satisfying your stomach's requirement is the key. Mouth is just like a browser, a point of entry, major compilation is done back in the stomach.

If all these make no sense and feels too stupid and seems as an epitome of laziness then ---
Remember --- when you come from office exhausted and hungry and very fact that you don't need to cook becoz the stored food is ready to eat, that moment says it all.

Staying Alone rephrased as Staying Alive.
Remember Bee Gees songs
And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin' alive.

Belt Deja Vu

Studying in PESIT school (college) we were one of the few privileged young bunch of Pre-Software Engineers who apart from carrying Id cards had to wear a belt around the neck along with the Id card, much like the software eng wore. The Irony of this was that the belt had more importance than the Id card itself, as the gate keeper wouldn't allow you in without the Belt.

Imagine getting up early at 6:45 get ready, have break fast, catch the bus, constantly sniff for bus numbered 43c or 43 d (these buses went upto the college campuses rest left us with 1 km of walk). As soon as u r see it, devise strategies as to which at which 'bus stop' would be the best for getting into the dream bus. (43c or 43d). Once you get onto these buses you are assured to reach the campus before deadline 8:15. Once you come close to college you realize that you have forgotten to bring the Id card and belt. Now devise strategies for getting into the college.

The best strategies that we had was separating ID and Belt. One person wears the belt around his neck and tucks the other part in the breast pocket. Other person the owner of the card would carry card and directly approach the gate keeper saying that his belt was damaged and he need to get a new one. Some times seeing the honestly the gate keeper would leave us in.

Years passed and until recently there was an order in our office that all employees had to wear belt and Id around their neck. But fortunately and sensibly the ID card has more preference than the stupid belt. And if you forget you belt, you could get a temporary one for the day. The real reason for the belt was to differentiate b/w Permanent , Contractors and Visitors who have Purple ,Yellow and Red Color belts respectively.

The receptionist and I had a big laugh when I told her about the belt incident in school.

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