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Belt Deja Vu

Studying in PESIT school (college) we were one of the few privileged young bunch of Pre-Software Engineers who apart from carrying Id cards had to wear a belt around the neck along with the Id card, much like the software eng wore. The Irony of this was that the belt had more importance than the Id card itself, as the gate keeper wouldn't allow you in without the Belt.

Imagine getting up early at 6:45 get ready, have break fast, catch the bus, constantly sniff for bus numbered 43c or 43 d (these buses went upto the college campuses rest left us with 1 km of walk). As soon as u r see it, devise strategies as to which at which 'bus stop' would be the best for getting into the dream bus. (43c or 43d). Once you get onto these buses you are assured to reach the campus before deadline 8:15. Once you come close to college you realize that you have forgotten to bring the Id card and belt. Now devise strategies for getting into the college.

The best strategies that we had was separating ID and Belt. One person wears the belt around his neck and tucks the other part in the breast pocket. Other person the owner of the card would carry card and directly approach the gate keeper saying that his belt was damaged and he need to get a new one. Some times seeing the honestly the gate keeper would leave us in.

Years passed and until recently there was an order in our office that all employees had to wear belt and Id around their neck. But fortunately and sensibly the ID card has more preference than the stupid belt. And if you forget you belt, you could get a temporary one for the day. The real reason for the belt was to differentiate b/w Permanent , Contractors and Visitors who have Purple ,Yellow and Red Color belts respectively.

The receptionist and I had a big laugh when I told her about the belt incident in school.


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