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It’s business as usual

When I watched Deepika Padukone dance with Sunil Dutt and Jitendra on the silver screen in the opening song of Om Shanti Om, which was a super impose of the frames from classic movies on the current one, I thought it was a cinematography excellence. Little did I know that 4 years later we would witness the same in just concluded Eng vs Dravid test series.

10 years from now if you happen to watch the recording of the this series and you start moving from test match to test match, you see Dravid toiling and toiling hard as ever and rest of the players just kept coming and going. Just like what happened in the opening song of the movie Om Shanti Om, it was Dravid playing and moving forward from Test match to Test match, images of rest 10 were being super imposed one after the another.

As human we are all fond of patterns, and the pattern started right in the first session of the test match. Scene of Hamstring Khan limping off the field was episodic. Then we had a shades of Ishant which we saw 4 years ago, promising yet failing to deliver; supported by Sree who has limited his on field spats to 140 characters through the global medium of twitter. Praveen once said “I will swing the ball 100%” and probably was one bowler who kept swinging the ball right from the Caribbean until Oval.

Then we had a surprising move from the captain to draft a bowler who had last played the longer format during the British Raj. R P Singh, whose name had more fire than his deliveries. And the ever laughing Munaf probably on tourist visa was barred from entering the field even during drinks break. And then we had a McDowell’s `License to spin` singh, who never made it large, finally making way for a compact middle order batsman Mishra, whose leg spin landed right on the middle of the batsmen’s bat.

We then had Mukund who scored a century in practice match only when he was sure that he wouldn’t be playing any further. Then we flew in the panacea of INDIA cricket, Viru right from hospital bed, who took a quick commercial break from the dressing room twice in a match. He does every thing King's style even the ducks. Gauti was quite in Gambhir state, spent more time nursing his on field injuries.

Very Very Special looked Very Very Silly when he kept pulling it to the hands of midwicket each time; very typical of VVS, playing handsomely and getting out with a sign of disbelief. GOD finally woke up on the last day of the tour who atleast restored the 5 day cricket back, or else BCCI’s Million dollar spoke person Shastry and Gavaskar would have advocated for 4 day test cricket, to which BCCI would have convinced ICC to enforce new change. To which Michael Holding would have called International Compromise Committee.

IPL king Raina has more wickets than run in the oval test match. He sure is a true replacement for Yuvraj. If UV can’t play the short ball so can’t I, if Yuvraj can't play spin so can't I. Dhoni would be unhappy that he failed to use this test series as a practice for the upcoming CLT20. Captain Excuse had the game of his life time in the 3rd test, well of course 2 70's in a test match. Hope he doesn’t complain about too much cricket b/w IPL and CLT20 and that test cricket hurting IPL.

Despite every Wall street kept piling runs and showed the world
It's business as usual.

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