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My Obsession with Cricket

Back in High school I was becoming a cricket addict, and was taking it far more seriously than I should have. It had started affecting my studies, my thought process and life as well. I used to play Twenty20 (20 mins) wall cricket throwing the ball onto the wall and then play on the rebound. I had batting / bowling options of left and right, I even had running commentary. That was how much I was obsessed with CRICKET.

Taking a step further, I had visualized my SSLC (10th std) like an ODI, first 2 months of my tuitions (crash course as it was called) was the 15 over field restriction. I had to make most out of the reading in short time. It would give me good foundations for the middle over (when school starts). Also last 2 months before the exams were like slog overs. A lot depends on the how much you make out of it. Having good start and good middle overs makes a lot of difference towards the end. In the end good finish is what matters.

As years passed on my obsession with cricket has increased 2 fold now. I always believed that current INDIAN team depicts the hidden characters in us. Just take a look.

Just like our INDIAN team we all have starting problems (OPENERs), once some thing is triggered we all function well. There is always a sachin in us; hungry for records and yet deny it. Flamboyance and happy go lucky nature is always in us as in sehwag. Just like laxman and gambhir need to prove their talent every single day, we too fall in this situation sometimes. We all have that arrogance n elegance yuvraj possesses and talk more work less dhoni in us comes out sometimes. We all perform well in the nets, like ganguly. Some times we do exhibit the sreeshant in us, donno where / when exactly to show aggression. We do exhibit dual nature in life like dravid's batting in test and ODI. Finally we all need to bring out the gentlemen n statesmen kumble in us. Know what is important in life and stay focussed.

Let me know if u don't agree with any of these .

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

In movies Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar & Mukaddar ka Sikandar are one & the same, lets see how it happens in this Zalim real word. Yes you guessed it right Sydney Test. After lot of twists n turns both in the match and after the here is what I have come up with. who was the Jeeta Wohi Sikandar" & ka Sikandar --- Lets see.

People will remember this Aamir Khan starer "Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar" where hero wins the bike (bicycle) race against all the odds, and emerges out as a true bollywood hero. Kumble almost did a Aamir act, but probably Sydney test was the real life version with real life ending. One of the main reasons why INDIA fail to win test matches is this mentality "I have already played in first innings, why should i play again ? How many times should I save the test myself? etc etc".

In the end of the day Aussies emerged as the Sikander. -- Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar--

Of course the focus from Umpiring Errors (which cost INDIA the match) was shifted to Monkey business. May be in aussie land remembering your ancestor is considered racial. ICC made the decision based on hearing the 2 orthogonal stories from the teams. Aussies did what exactly a successful director does to his audience,(c**t**a bana) i.e conveniences the audiences his story. Eventually ICC like an audience nodded his head n accepted what was told. Aussies were the Mukaddar ka Sikandar --

Just as a counter argument INDIAN's did file a case against Brad Hogg for using b****d word & thereby trying win the Lost battle (Haari Hui Hi Baazi). Along with that BCCI threatened to pull of the series thereby showing who the real "Sikandar" is when Mukaddar is $$.

Finally Kumble does the Munna Bhai's Gandhigiri act stating "Cricket is larger than Individuals" & decides to withdraw charges against Brad Hogg. By doing this Kumble might have increased his Gentlemen count, thereby ended up being the real Mukaddar ka Sikandar.

शायद हार के जितने वाले को बाजीगर कहते है ---
Shayad haar ke jitne wale ko baazigar kehte hai..........Baazigar ------

Top 10 flop movies that i liked

As the year 2007 is now in History I thought of looking back at it especially from Bollywood point of view.B/w 1200x1024 is my new Year resolution. Let me know if you ahve figured it.

The real inspiration for me to write was IBN live and Rajeev Masand's show of 10 worst and best movies of the year. Though not paid for it I do go through the same torture a movie reviewer go through. Just like "Download and Keep" n "Download and Delete" protocols applied to emails I apply this to movies. Owing to space and time constrains I am listing out 10 flop movies of the year and their plot and what I liked in them. After reading this I don't want the readers to come to any conclusion about my mental psyche (as Aamir Sohail describes). All these are flop movies, would be surprised if any one has seen them. I saw them after the reading the reviews.

Movie Positives
Aggar-- Different Plot,Udita looks good, can't act

Chhodon Naa Yaar --Believable Plot, Jimmy's acting
Dil Dosti Etc -- Nice college politics, Shreyas Talpade's acting is good

Dus Kahaniyan -- 4 of the 10 stories were just too good, nice climaxes.
Fool N Final -- Paresh Rawal, good dialogues

Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee -- Different flavours of happiness Power,Paisa,Fame,Love,Popularity, displayed.
Manorama Six Feet -- Under Different Plot, Vinay Pathak is too good.
Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar -- Sweet Love story, Quite believable story
No Smoking -- Best torture movie I have ever seen. Hope this is applied to smokers.
Naqaab -- Good Music,nice plot of making a REAL movie. reality movie.

What do think about these movie Shall I keep them or delete them. By the way I haven’t spent a cent on them.

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