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My Name is Jadduu

Hello All,

            My name is Ravindra Jadeja, people fondly call me Jaddu but I would like to be called Mr Utility, because that is all I can do. If you ask any kid on the street what do u do in cricket ? He will answer I can bat and ball, same is the answer with me. I can neither win a match on my own with batting nor with my bowling. In INDIA I am the official all-rounder because I am a part-time bowler and part-time batsman. I am like the grad student who gets his tuition fees paid with half RA & half TA. 

I scored 2 triple hundreds in a span of 2 weeks in our first class season, selectors thought I was some sort of cheaper version of a Pujara or a VVS and they roped into the Test team to bolster the batting and what I do is pick wickets ahead of the two front line spinners and bowl a very meager spell. I could be the new Kumble of spin or lack of it; some beat the batsman with flight and some with viscous spin but I beat with lack of spin. So you can call me left arm darts, but I know I have a long way to go and sorry uncle for for comparing with you. 

And that's not the only problem I come with, nobody really knows what is my best batting position is. Every left-hander has a favorite shot that he is master at, Gauti has that square cut, UV has that big booming cover drive and Raina has the close your eyes and hit over the mid-wicket. I don't have the technique to bat up the order nor do I have the power to whack around in the end. I run well between the wickets but it is proportional to the no of ball I can face. I can neither play bouncer nor spin and lets not talk about pace please it's too fast. But I have won matches for Rajastan Royal over years, I need to look at what I really did well there.

Yes! I am a good T20 club league player where half no of players are of my league & I can excel. I was doing well with Royals, Warne uncle was very kind to me I got batting and bowling in all the games. Things got a better when I was moved to Kochi I was kind of their best player for a while. But all these money minded uncles played some cheap politics and took away my batting and bowling. They closed Kochi Tuskers.

I don't know what stone or ring I wore my fate changed and Srini uncle bought be for 2M + some under table money all in Dollars. But they didn't increase my salary; this is cheating man. In CSK I am proud to wear the yellow jersey but I don't get to bat or bowl its pretty boring man only fielding, Dhoni has so many players to play with that he forgets about me.

When every body plays well I don't get to bat or bowl too much, but when the top order fails they expect me to play and show my skill. See what they did in Kolkatta, I bowled well and took 3 wickets and when batting collapsed I had a good chance like Dhoni to play full 50 of batting, but sorry I couldn't make use of it. I will take inspiration from my beloved captain and get full batting next time.

I think I spoke too much good bye guys, this is my official letter. Atleast I wrote a letter to all not like Raina who put something bad on twitter and blamed his nephew. 


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