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Rotation by choice vs Rotation by lack of it

In software industry there is something called resource management where they manage the work load of its engineers so that they don't burn out. They do this by some sort of rotation with in the company. They are either moved to a different team which has less load which gives them breathing space & also a different perspective about the product. This is a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer as the employee gets the knowledge about the breath of the company and the employer has it more people who are versatile. 

In the ongoing AUS vs SL series we saw lot of new faces getting a go for both AUS and SL. While AUS choose to rest some of its players, SL were left with no choice but replace it's injured players. Though Australia learnt the rest-rotate policy the hard way when it's first string of fast-bowlers were injured right towards the end of the test series. So as a lesson it rested some of its batsmen anticipating heavy work load ahead. This also gave some of it's uncapped players chance to prove their worth and some clasped it with both their hands. As a result now Australia has bigger pool of batsman who have the ability to convert energy from potential to kinetic.

Back to the original problem what INDIA is facing, we have far too many players with potential energy waiting to give their kinetic kick. The biggest problem is that INDIA only plays their potential players when either we have a dead rubber or when our arse is on fire. Its always some sort of response-to-external-stimulus which is mostly from media.

So instead of just being reactive why not create a pool of players and give them fixed no of opportunities and judge their true kinetic energy. Say in a 5 match series rest a few overloaded players and feed a new breed and see how they react. This way you have rested some sore muscles and worked up some new muscles isn't it how you work out ? Rahane only got his chance when Sandeep Patil come into power, Sehwag was dropped and Sachin finally retired. 

Same would be true with bowling right now Ashwin is having a lose-connection in his circuit. Right at he point of release he stops as if current is cut-off and then delivers. He has moved from being the wickets taker to run stopper to run-bearer. Why not try Ojha or some fresh spinner and see how he performs against England in INDIA which might Ashwin to fix his lose-connection. Fast-bowler in INDIA are following Shane Bond's injury routine they breakup far too quickly and gone for too long. One more year and we will forget who Praveen Kumar, I already hear who? 

And whats up with Dhoni going for cent percent attendance, is he seeking for bonus points for attending all matches? With IPL looming around doesn't his body need the necessary rest and so who is our back up keeper? Can we learn from what happened to SL, 1st and 2nd keeper both injured. 

Right now INDIAN cricket is in a open book exam situation, answers are present just needs a proper index to find it. Hope this serves as an Index.  


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