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Top 10 flop movies that i liked

As the year 2007 is now in History I thought of looking back at it especially from Bollywood point of view.B/w 1200x1024 is my new Year resolution. Let me know if you ahve figured it.

The real inspiration for me to write was IBN live and Rajeev Masand's show of 10 worst and best movies of the year. Though not paid for it I do go through the same torture a movie reviewer go through. Just like "Download and Keep" n "Download and Delete" protocols applied to emails I apply this to movies. Owing to space and time constrains I am listing out 10 flop movies of the year and their plot and what I liked in them. After reading this I don't want the readers to come to any conclusion about my mental psyche (as Aamir Sohail describes). All these are flop movies, would be surprised if any one has seen them. I saw them after the reading the reviews.

Movie Positives
Aggar-- Different Plot,Udita looks good, can't act

Chhodon Naa Yaar --Believable Plot, Jimmy's acting
Dil Dosti Etc -- Nice college politics, Shreyas Talpade's acting is good

Dus Kahaniyan -- 4 of the 10 stories were just too good, nice climaxes.
Fool N Final -- Paresh Rawal, good dialogues

Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee -- Different flavours of happiness Power,Paisa,Fame,Love,Popularity, displayed.
Manorama Six Feet -- Under Different Plot, Vinay Pathak is too good.
Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar -- Sweet Love story, Quite believable story
No Smoking -- Best torture movie I have ever seen. Hope this is applied to smokers.
Naqaab -- Good Music,nice plot of making a REAL movie. reality movie.

What do think about these movie Shall I keep them or delete them. By the way I haven’t spent a cent on them.


shande said...

u have a lot of patience.
i have managed to watch only one movie in the in ur list. Others I am hearing name for the first time.

Manish said...

Initially I had a list of 30 movies
then I reduced it to 10 :)

yea I have lots of patience when it comes to movies

Prashanth(MSP) said...

why not rent the movies and rake in a fortune?

Manish said...

My Friend Rentals cost $$ man.
And when u pay $$ ur expectations also increases.

Raveesh Kumar said...

I too liked Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar. But only the first half. Climax is not convincing.

Manish said...

yea thats true. it wasn't that convincing -- too childish i guess

Well thats good some one liked it apart from me :)

Sreenath said...

Where did u manage to get all these movies man... I just heard couple names on that list...
I want to see them also.. you reminded me of the days when we used to watch C grade movies.... and used to laugh like anything...

Manish said...

O h yea I remember those days man--

Well I download all the movies or watch online some times --

I have a lot of time when it come to movies

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