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Staying alive

Back in Indy where we 4 shared 2 bed room apt, shared groceries, cooked for 4, once in 4 days, followed a cooking roaster. We also followed the a strict schedule or time table as so what time food should be ready for dinner. Delay in cooking dinner or error in the food that is prepared, would make the night of other 3 miserable. Cooking for 4 was almost like cooking in a dharamshala. I treated it like a prayog shala, a tesing lab, testing out your new recipes. And since every one would be hungry eventually would gallop what ever is cooked.

Since you literally cook once a week one never really felt the pain of cooking, I actually enjoyed it throughly. Actually I don't remember cooking any thing apart from the trade mark sambar, which was a major hit. Just changed the vegetables every time. The best part was extending it to 5 persons in case was the easiest. Person's mood could be easily determined in the food that he has cooked is cooked.

Staying/cooking alone in CA for 7 months I have learn't and followed certain rules and certain theories. Hope any of them makes sense.

[1] You are the client and you are the server. You set the functional requirements and you do the Quality Assurance.
[2] Polymorphism is the key, cook meal that exists in different forms. Ideally dal is a dish which goes with either rice or chapati or dosa, or bread.
[3] Always remember 5 lunch meals rule, thats your minimum target. This the min number dibbas that is required to complete a week.
[4] Have fortitude(fore thought) when you cook, it's not how well it tastes, but how many meals it serves. Whats the point of cooking for 30 min and you realize that is lasted for only one meal. What a waste of man power and resources.
[5] No matter how long it takes to cook, it takes same time to digest and assimilate.
[6] Food stays only 3 mins in mouth but 3 hrs in stomach. Satisfying your stomach's requirement is the key. Mouth is just like a browser, a point of entry, major compilation is done back in the stomach.

If all these make no sense and feels too stupid and seems as an epitome of laziness then ---
Remember --- when you come from office exhausted and hungry and very fact that you don't need to cook becoz the stored food is ready to eat, that moment says it all.

Staying Alone rephrased as Staying Alive.
Remember Bee Gees songs
And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin' alive.


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