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Profession Caste

Caste system in Hinduism is based on what hi/her ancestor were working as.
If they were Pujari's then they would end up being Brahman. If they were warrior then they would be kshatrias, if they were land lords then they would be Gowdas .. so and so forth.

But with the advent of technology moreover software boom catching up, time would arise when we could have castes based on Profession, rather software profession. Then we would have only castes based on software technologies. Like J2ee,Dot Net, Databases, Networks, System Engineering, QA etc.We would have Traditionalist (traditional programming like C, Cobol) and Modernist (Object Programming c++,java etc), with each opposing others. With two main religions Open Source Platform(OSP) and Microsoft Platform(MSP), each opposing other. With people in one religion hating other & all marriages should happen in same religion.

Then we would have festivals like Database day, Network day, System day, QA day, and one particular day java day would be celebrated by both the Open source and Microsoft religions as java works on both the platforms.

When it would come to marriage parents would oppose saying "Woh hamari technology ke nahi hai ", "Woh loog Open Source ke loog hai, proprietary naam ka cheez hi nahi hai ". "Product nahi Khareed te, sirf servcie khareed te hai". If a Microsoft Platform guys wants to marry a Open Source Platform guy then he would have to give up his religion and take up OSP, and he would be forced to take a oath saying that he would henceforth use only open source tools and will contribute to the society.

On a date boy would ask the girl, do u know struts, AJAX, how much do u know about Liferay. Girl would respond I am comfortable with app server and MS Sql server, liferay is good.
Then final verdict would be I think we both have some common things and some differences, we can make a good pair. (FYI these are all the tools that I use at E*TRADE for my project).

Imagine this happens then life would be so hilarious n fun. Hope U have enjoyed. Sorry I went too technical.


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