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Quit INDIA wih MOMENTUM part 1

Its not a spelling mistake -- its momentum ; mass * velocity.

The memories of 8 th Aug 2005, the day I left INDIA to pursue my master's in U S is still fresh in my mind. I had a 3 am AI 127 flight to Chicago via Mumbai Frankfurt, reached airport at 11 pm. My parents sister and my 2 uncles plus family had come to see me off. Before which I had "aathi " , "pooja" and teeka as well. I felt as if I leaving for KARGIL. After the initial rooha dhoona (my sister especially) went in and checked in my luggage(s). I just had 3 - 32 kilos suitcases, & a 15 kilo carry bag with me (80 kilos).

By then I had met this guy lets call him Dr Sanjeev, who had 3 - 32 kilos suitcase + 15 kilo carry bag + 5 kg leather jacket + 3 big medical books trying to find some one to carry his extra luggages. I was successful in avoiding him. Cleared the security n went into the lounge. At 2 am came in the announcement AI 127 is delayed by 2 hrs. For the next 2 hrs we 5 students had a good time chatting and eating. Finally 5 am we boarded the flight. These was this guy with long beard n cap (got the picture :)) who scared me a lot.

Sitting in my first international flight trying to stay calm n compose, beside me was this interesting fellow student. She had some weird n scary n irritating questions to me. We exchanged names. She began
She: "You know this is my first international flight" ,
me : so is mine
"First time I am leaving my parents you know",
me : so am I
She: "What if our luggages get lost ",
me: may be baggage claim.
" Did u read about the rains in Mumbai rains ?",
me :Ya hope the flight doesn't skid. -- she got a bit scared.
Are we going via london or germany.
me : Frankfurt didn't you see the itinerary,
That bearded guy was sitting adjacent to me. She was irritating, he was scaring me.
Finally the flight took off, she got so scared that see stopped speaking for next hr. I was relieved.

We then boarded at Mumbai, my first impression was "Airport or Railway station". It reminded me of CST (VT) station. Due to mumbai rains, the flight was delayed by 2 more hrs. I told that female "MATCH DELAYED DUE TO WET OUT FIELD". Seriously she had no clue what I spoke. We were then given a complementary breakfast at airport which we call called Passage to U S food. Good thing about AI is that food deterioration is gradual. Its like tunnel worse worser worsest (hahhaha).

Finally the flight took from Mumbai at 10 am with MOMENTUM i.e. mass * velocity. So it was a true QUIT INDIA with MOMENTUM.

to be continued ...


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