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100* n.o.

Its 100 days since I left the holy city of Indianapolis, IN , worked for 100 days at E*TRADE and completed 100 days of stay in heaven on earth or so called the bay area. A lot has happened in these 100 days, some good, some bad things, missed many things, relished every moment.

Exactly 1 year 11 months at Indy was the best part of my life so far & I miss every moment of it. I miss Indy, its serenity, Canal Square Apts and junkta there, the indoor cricket at 131, chatting and eating at 443, kritika's songs, lavanya's chettinad chicken, the swimming pool, the lounge of canal square. Miss the night walk on canal, or the steak n shake late night desert or the 12 am birthday party cakes. Mandar's Tabla, Prashant's computer game, saurab's rebate tips , sundar's shud hindi (swayam and meej), damru's advice. Badly miss the law school cricket, finding trouble gathering 5 people to play cricket, mandar's comments--" arree shot laga hai re " , sundar's nakhre "mamu kaam hai", saurab's "Gajab hoo gaya ", sanjeev's hot chilli avalaki. Omkar's ALu matti. Gokul's pav bhaji,

Badly miss the U C coffee machine where sri, me and saurab would go to have French vanilla. The Gym of canal sq where I started my weight loss prg. Miss the 112 lab where we used to spend hrs chatting and eating subways or saurab and me playing bowling practice in 112 during winter. Also miss Pavatra Ji's houle and potte hindi, Ashwin's Aaaja Aaaja scenes, Sai's Mysore Bonda. I miss pradeep's wide/no ball appeals. Can forget the nights before the exams where we used to night out n try to study.

Also the mass ALGO assignments, copying it from the grader n giving it back to her. What I badly miss is the grocery shopping at Meijer n Patel brother's bringing new items each time, carrying the grocery all the way to apt from the car, if luck drop the grocery to 443. 5 am Purdue trips in snow. I miss a lot more things which can't be put in this blog.

When I remember these things it makes my eyes moist, Hope i can get my student life back, my INDY life , Golden life indeed.


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