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Pati Patni aur Woh

This post is not about KANK, or Infidelity or Extra Martial affairs, but my notion of the current OS's Windows Linux and Mac. Off late I have been blogging (or bogging) too much about cricket (rather INDIAN cricket). So its time for some DESIGIRI, A bit of comparisons and bit of humor, and I expect it to be taken in the right spirit. Readers should not have any vulgarities in mind. At any point if you feel offended you may close your browser.

It has been a long time since I was introduced to LINUX in 4th sem BE, and my search for Optimal or THE OS has not ended, and the IDEAL OS doesn't exist in my perspective. Windows is definitely not the best OS but you can’t live without it. Linux is quite promising but you can’t survive only with it.

I came up with a silly n stupid comparison just bring out humor. Windows is like one's wife friendly, highly respectable in the family and society. Nobody will have problems interacting with it, quite homely and friendly. On the other hand Linux is like u r GF, whole society and family will have objection to it, and not many people will have GF, just like they don’t have Linux. But some people will have both the OS; I don’t know what that means.

Just like ones wife nags
मे मैके चली जाऊगी (I will go to my father's house back) Windows always nags you with "Do you want to send the error to you Microsoft?", "Do you want to restart?" and similar bugging questions. Linux never really does that, probably its open source and nobody owns it.

Windows (one's wife) mostly comes in single distribution & you are always bound to it. Where as Linux (one's GF) comes in different varieties and different distribution, always replaceable with different & better versions of your choice or even remove & throw it out. You can customize it the way you want.

Windows needs an anti-virus, meaning you need to protect it from external world, just like the way you protect your wife. But LINUX doesn't need one, U never need to protect your GF.

Well Mac (OS X) comes close to integrating the best of the two, it has good UI and great stability but its tooo expensive. I haven't found any sort of comparison for Mac in real word, if you find one do drop a comment. By the way comments are free of cost.

If this post did bring a smile on your face then my blogging was worth, else I would have to try harder.


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