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Practical Joke or Poor Joke

Laughter is the best medicine-- everyone knows this but how many of follow it. Well we all know exercise is good for health, how many of us follow it???
So PJ are the best ways to bring out laughter, if it comes out well it would be a Practical Joke or else would end up being a poor joke. In either case it would bring a smile atleast which is good for health. So I decided to scratch some of the PJ's that I have cracked. Its upto you to decide what kind of PJ you would call it.

Once ex-my roommate (vinit) had cooked chicken and daal (for veg guyz). After seeing it I told my other roommates that vinit had cooked Daal for every one. Vinit got furious that I didn't mention about his chicken. I said "ghar ki murgi daal bara-bar !!!!! " We all had a good laugh after that.

At one point in our house we had 6 - 7 types of pickles & it would be spread all over the table. Once I got so frustrated about it and told my roomie इतने सारे आचार का आचार डालेगा क्या, we all had a big laugh.

Another incident was when Mandar(old roomie) and myself were separately watching t2o wc matches, when suddenly he called me and said "that he was getting some c++ error in winamp", I replied back I am not getting the error may be because I am a Software Eng.

Other incident was in office when one of my colleague told that our Eye insurance covers only for the lenses and not for the frame. I replied back then get a frame less glasses instead. From his reaction I realized that he didn't enjoy it much.

More coming up some time later. Now its its your turn to turn in some PJ's.


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