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Blog Action Day -- परीसर

Today 15th Oct is Blog action day, its a days where all the blogger in world would blog about "Environment". So its day where you can get different perspectives of the same thing. Some serious, some hilarious, some very painful issues, based on the type of blogger.

Whenever I think of Environment all I remember is tiring boring Environment Pollution essays that we had in our school days, in Eng, Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit. We had this knack of writing the same contents in different languages. We would write about causes for these water air noise pollutions, effects and finally remedy. For a person from Bhadravati, Karnataka, where we had Iron, Steel , Paper, Cement, Sugar factories pollution was part and parcel of life. All these factories would pollute air & water so much that I never really new what pure air was. When I collected rain water in bucket it would have iron deposits at the bottom. When we approached bhadravati just sensing the fowl smell in air would tell us we have approached bhadravati.

Its seemed that air and water pollution had no effect on me. When I moved to blore I realized what sound pollution. And smoke from vehicles had a different kind of air pollution, no smell this time. Thanks to million trees in blore, or else the pollution would have reached zenith by now.

We all know the causes, effect and even the solution for these pollutions. There is no point just million people blogging about it, and just talking about it. Unless we take some simple steps all the efforts of this so called blog action day would in vain. We all would have read this "Keep the you surrounding clean". How many of us actually throw the waste paper, banana leaf, in the dustbin. Lets think the last time when we actually found a close by dustbin to dump the wastes. How many of us throw or dump garbage behind our houses(applicable mostly in INDIA).

There is nothing wrong if we clean our own mess, don't think what people think about it. Just do it. Lets set the tone. People here in U S are so conscious about the environment, I remember an elderly gentleman cleaning the table on which he had eaten saying, "I have messed its my duty to clean it". Dog owners carry plastic bags to clean the dogs shit. Its a bit different in US, the govt and people here take more care in protecting the environment. This is one thing U S has taught me and I am proud of it.

Lets make our environment a better place, lets enjoy our rights and enjoy our duties, not merely performing it.


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