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Skid Skad Skud

My friend PK mentioned about 3 inevitable things in life -- Tax, Traffic and Death. After volunteering for the first two, I twice came close to volunteering the third.

There is a saying in kannada "mutti noda beda, Illa nekki nodtini". Which translates to Wise men listen to what people say, but wiser people experience it. Pass me a comment if u didn't get it.

Finally it began to rain in bay area when it was snowing in most part of North US. As usual I started my car towards office, I remembered reading in the DMV book that roads would slippery after the first rain, but when I began driving it seemed fine. I told myself these American's are always too over cautious unnecessarily. When the signal turned Red to Green I accelerated along with a Benz, and a Porsche car. Both over took me cutting my way into the ramp towards the "freeway". I followed them into the ramp making a right turn at good pace.

No sooner I entered the ramp I saw a pile of cars, backed up all the way from highway. Benz and the Porsche were standing ahead of me. Since the inner side of the ramp had cement plastering, when I applied breaks to avoid bumping into Porsche, wheels lost grip on the road and skid skad skud. Yea u read it right "skid skad skud" car turned right and another right.

When finally the car stopped it found myself in the car U turned "actual U" standing on the mud on the side. Just peeped over to my left saw a rift of 10 feet below. Those 3 - 4 secs my mind was blocked, heart was beating at may be 150 or 200. I fews secs didn't know what to do. Then finally put myself on the ramp making another U turn and drove towards the office.

While driving I remembered my friend giving me positive comment "maga ninu U turn sakkatagi togontiya " (man you take good U turns). To which I had replied "In life U turn is the easiest man and I always love it". Well this was the best U turn of my life.

to be continued.....


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