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"Mazzak mazzak me 4 posts hogaya ". Its always easy to bowl with a new ball and your strike blower on song. The real challenge is when ball stops swinging batsman start to get settled. Thats true with every aspect of life in Kannada we call it "Aramabhika Shoora". When it doesn't swing they bowlers start shinning the ball, ball some cutters, slower ones. Captain starts shuffling his field etc. You can see restlessness in the field.

We all think and follow the normal way, the traditional swing. In cricket When it doesn't swing we try the other way, the reverse swing. Lets think the other way "what if it has happened other way" or Yuh Hoota To Kaisa Hoota (naseerudin shah's directorial flop). And it would sound really funny and makes us feel good when we think about these matters. This though has came to Saurabh's (my M S friend) my mind sometime so thought of sharing it.

"Just imagine" as said in KMG.

For example what if we didn't have Himalayas protecting INDIA or INDIA had the same latitude of that of USA, then probably INDIA would end up having a weather similar to that of USA. Northern part would have the snow and 0 F (-16 C to -20 C) winter, with Srinagar submerged in snow like North Dakota. Haryana would be Wisconsin, Punjab would be Minnesota and Chandigarh would be Minneapolis(health care Industry). Allahabad with its triveni sangam (Lake Michigan) would be Chicago (windy city) IIT, Chicago would be Allahabad University.(may be similar in Desi counts). Varanasi would be West Lafayette and Banaras University would be the Great PURDUE ahah.

General Motor's HQ (Detroit) would be represented by Patna and Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University, Muzzafarpur, Bihar as U Mich (would have made lalu-rabri proud). Moving east Assam and Nagaland would be the Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with snow over one feet all the time. Guwahati being the BOSTON home of MIT, BU,
U Mass (now IIT guwahati will deserves some respect). Kolkata being Washington DC, bit of snow and cold, having good transportation system (metro and tram). Bihar and Jharkand would be the typical midwest, boaring and filled with obese & laid backfolks (quite a bit of similarity). Bhuvaneshwar and Vizag would be the beautiful North and South Carolina, hilly and scenic beauty (again contrast). Hyderabad (famous for Charminar) would be St Louis famous for its arch, a bit of +ve correlation. Agra would be the UTAH mountains with skiing and snow boarding (hope this was true). Coming to central INDIA, Indore would be the beautiful Colarado spings. Goa would be Los Angeles beaches and party all the time. Raipur would be Kansas City bit of cold and hot, both cities being unnoticed. Amritsar and Phagwara would be Seattle and Bellevue the M S HQ would make some Punjabi's happy.

Mumbai would be the San Francisco and Pune (IT and whether wise) would be San Jose, & bay area between them, and I-101 freeway would be pune-bombay expressway. Mountain view being khandala, (then Ghulam song would be "ati kya mountain view") and Sunnyvale (suryanagar as we call it) would be Lonavala (famous for chikki). Temperate climate (55 to 75 F), not much of rain and almost no humidity (now thats a contrast!!!!), people from all over the INDIA would want to reside here (quite true in both cases). IIT Powai would be Stanford and VJTI (number 1 BE college in Mumbai) would be UC Berkley. Now that would make some mumbaikars reading this smile.
Tulzapur (home of Goddess Tuza bhavani ) near Sollapur would be Las Vegas.

Cuddalore(Tsunami hit city) would be New Orleans(Hurricane hit city) Thiruvananthapuram being Miami, Florida famous for beach and tourist place, hot all the time (Mallu's would be happy I guess). Madurai (menakshi temple) temple city would be Orlando famous Walt Disney World (want a contrast), Chennai would be west palm beach[ [what a contrast!!!] and Pondicherry as Ft Lauderdale the exotic cities. Bangalore would be Dallas-Richardson (both have IT and good weather). But DFW airpot is awesome, hope bangalore international airpot would be the same soon, all depends on HD Deve gowda and Sons. PESIT (my BE college) would be UTDallas. And IISc would be the NASA at Houston(Sorry had to fit on IISc some where went too far south). Lakshadweep would be Hawaii islands and Pakistan(previously part of INDIA) would be Alaska the 50 th state of US, (what a contrast!!!!!!!)

In winter people would say we going to Chennai to get some heat, definitely people of Bangalore will not agree with me. They are forced to go to Chennai for VISA.
Hope this simile blog would charge our geography, if I missed out any places please do comment it in pair and I will fix it.

Also do comment which do you think is the most contrasting thing.


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