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First Meeting with the Manager

After the 2 weeks of class room training we had to schedule and meeting (it was called interview with Manager). This is how it goes. Friday 4 Pm.
Me and Manager and Mr X:
Manager: Hi :This is Manish from Purdue.
Me :Hi
Mr X :Hi
Manager: Here is the FRD got from the BRD, Its required to develop a portlet having AJAX capability for searching and sorting using RICO's LiveGrid. It would be Struts portlet, rather than JSP as it has MVC will be running a Tomcat instance.
Manager: We will not have hibernate facility for this. It will be hosted on my lxdm14545 box. So configure your port with the help of Mr X and may be from Monday you can start coding. Once you have tested it in DIT we will do a SIT bild and after UAT the business will test it and push it to PRD.

I remembered pk's post about Jargoneese, it was quite similar but didn't see the point why he was trying to confuse me. I was busy writing the key words so that I could do a Google search later on. It seemed like I had entered the wrong meeting room, but the room and people were familiar. I was all confused seeing stars all around.
Manger : RTFM more details. Read The Fine Manual (I was thinking of some thing else de missed something) and smiled. Realized later on why he smiled. I didn't want to show my ignorance so just nodded my head. My 6 years of study in Computers left me with only Java and Linux as my weapon. Felt like I was in a wrong company. Was I in coma when these technologies were developed? How did they hire me in the first place!!!!!

Now the brilliance of a Desi Mr X saves me, exactly read my face the judged that I understood nothing. So went to the cubicle to decode what was told by my manager and also to link my key words.
Mr X: See Struts in a Nut Shell is a framework, Alfresco is a CMS ....JSP gets compiled to a servelet blah blah blah...

Later I Googled out the terms and wrote the definitions n after couple of hours I figured out "
Port is a Linux box", Portlet is a small component that appears on a website, FRD is Functional Requirement Document. Business is the one who requested this feature. Struts-Liferay is where you write the logic using JSP and JavaScript (web programming languages).

Its true as they say "GOOGLE is YOUR FRIEND" ask him before you ask any one else.
At end of the day I got the bigger picture "Pull the data from Database n display it on Web and push it back to the database", its just more complicated, sophisticated 6th sem website project.

Now 4 Weeks have passed and I was talking to Mr X
that the project is ready as per the FRD and business is ready to test it, If OK it will be pushed to PRD. My Manager overheard the discussion and had a smile on his face seeing me use the Jargons. Well

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication -- Leonardo da Vinci
Not true with S/W I guess

My friend Saurab always says working in s/w company is like Cricket Captain managing his team, knowing where to place the field and whom to bowl.
Just an addition to it , its exactly like SRK managing the women hockey in Chak De INDIA.


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