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Chak De Week End

I have always confronted with a Typical question every Friday "whats up for the weekend ?", and my obvious answer would be "nothing, lazying around at home". Well thats what I have been doing for past 5 weekends now. Actually realized what weekend is when I started to work. Typically or traditionally have lunch with my roomy at one of many INDIAN restaurants and end the weekend with a big sleep. My friend in INDIA Sandeep had suggested me to watch to "Chak De INDIA" in theater.

Got a call from a friend of mine to watch CDI, at Naz theater Fremont. I was eager to see Fremont (Punjab of Bay area) more than SRK. Reached around 8:30, met couple of IUPUI seniors who for a change happened to be kannadigas. Its rare occasion when kannadigas meet in U S. The movie started at 9 am, houseful as expected (SRK movie), Movie opening was good, actually bored of seeing SRK as soccer player, for a change was a Hockey Player. Typical opening, hero misses the goal at the crucial moment, he actually beckhamed and crowd getting angry and all "bull" of match fixing thing. Hard to digest fixing in Hockey!!!!!, the incident was modeled on cricket I bet. And then labeling SRK " Gaddar " was all crap, -- give me a break, may be WC and Dhoni's home incident effect.

The best scene of the movie -- SRK is being interviewed for "Coach of Womens Hockey Team", and even before committee decides SRK says "To may Nokri Pakki samjhu , aur koye to hai nahi aap ke pass". Wish I had the same thing in my E*TRADE interviews. (Exactly opposite to Graham Ford incident). The best dialogue of the movie -- "mujhe states ke naam sunte nahi, sir INDIA suniye deta hai".

One Hr into the movie, Hindi movie and no kids that can't be. We had some amazing background music from the kids, may be they heard the team spirit stuff from SRK. No sooner followed the impatient crowd, "aree bache ko chup karao ", "we did not pay for this" "why don't you bring a nanny" etc. Now they began to show some unity and integrity, shouting more than the kids. And the child's mother obviously embarrassed had to go out with the child. Now parents had to concentrate more on their kids than the movie.

I enjoyed all the three Movie, children's crying sound and parents yelling, felt so much like INDIA. Close to 3 hr SRK movie with just one song (must be a record) got over, I came out of the theater in a good mood after a long time. For the first time I was associating myself with a game other than cricket, nice for a change. Reached home at 1 am.

Next day I decided to test my car on the highway, so set out to Great Mall, Milpitas. Used to only 45 - 50 MPH, 60, 65 seemed to be fast & uncontrollable, well its 100 kph. Realized how smooth and responsive my Camry was. With Gods grace and google map reached Mall. A Typical mall with tons of people, felt like "Kumbh ka mela". After a bit of shopping I decided to find my CAR. Hmm finding my Camry in Mall parking lot in bay area seemed to be a NP hard problem. It seemed like Fractals the car patterns, occurring again and again. Scorching sun added to my agony. Out of the no where came a gentleman, I am hari from AP.

Donno why I replied Manish, INDIA (Chak de effect i guess), suddenly I corrected from Bangalore.


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