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New Ball swing FUNDA -- 2 perspectives

As in Test Cricket they say "As a batsman you got play new ball carefully negotiating the swing" I have been negotiating the first 3 weeks at E*TRADE with ease and confidence without any hiccups and edges.

In the name of training we had each team bombarding technical jargons and abbreviations at us for the first 2 weeks. Starting with Precise Questioning and Answering(P Q & A ), where we are taught how to ask precise question. They asked us to frame one question from each of the 7 categories on every single statement. The good part is that when you ask so many precise questions about one sentence you understand it so well that you have less questions later :) . Its an indirect way of looking at a sentence from all 360 degrees. It really makes sense using these PQA 's in our real life, as our communication eases and each person know what he wants and whats he is expected off. We are asked to frame questions individually, in groups, and in mixed groups. When one does the same task individually and in group he/she realizes what team work is all about. Its a real pain believe. What you think is right some one will object it.

When we were going through these sessions, certain hilarious moments of how Mandar (my X roomie) and I were answering precisely to people came into my mind (People of Canal Square will know that pain that we caused :) ). These sessions had so much impact on me that, when I met the HR she asked me "do u have a SSN ? ", for which I said "yea"!!!!!! Soon realized that she was expecting my ssn no, I tactfully said "effect of PQ sessions". Later on in the week we had "TECH" training, where directors of each team would come in and bombard with abbreviations which they expected us to know!!!!!!! The only precise questions that each of us had were "Where does this fit into E*TRADE architecture ?", each framing in their own ways. Because if we didn't ask questions when all are expecting, it would give a dent feeling. So each one of us were busy preparing questions. And I am famous for asking questions .

Next we had some hands on experiences where we "build and run " (past tense) some code. The best part of E*TRADE is that they use LINUX (RHEL 3), this saves a lot of money. I was really excited to work in LINUX as I hate the "MicroSoft" env. The strange and sad part was that, out of the 13 NCA's only 3 of us knew LINUX and I was a pro and other 2 were supposed to be Network Admin ( so they had to know LINUX ). At last my stint with LINUX in Masters turned fruitful. In the training sessions I realized that good engineers need not be good teachers. The was one person who was reading the slides. I had enough of slide reading in M S and B E. There was one NCA who would sleep and snore, but when he gets up would ask a question to show that he is awake (nice strategy!!!).

The most hilarious part of E*TRADE is that the cubicles have good IP address type numbering system. Say 5.1.438 is my cubicle. ( 5 for Menlo Park (city) , 1 for first floor (ground floor of INDIA) and 438 my cubicle address). The weird part is 438 and 437 might not be adjacent. It took me 30 min to search my managers desk 5.2.105 from 5.2,104 . So each person has his own way of identification, some use printer room or some use rest room as their reference point. And we have DNS in the name of receptionist who would give the layout of when asked. Other day I was chatting with a co-worker regarding some issue. He asked my cubicle reference point I said 1 floor coffee machine. He later messaged me saying that he was waiting there for like 20 min. I soon realized that he had recently come from INDIA and was still in ground floor first floor concept. For the first time Emergency assistance number has now changed to 9-911 from 911 !!!!!!!!

The other side of new ball, --the bowler's perspective, after certain overs the bowl doesn't swing, similarly after second week bowl didn't swing for me either. Had meeting and appointment with various managers, got the project requirement, did lot of reading, had to install and configure hell lot of stuffs, all expecting me to be productive now.

Well when it doesn't swing try cutter and slower ones. Or introduce spin (the load takers). Which means time for some hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(.


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