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It is fixed.

This is isn't an acquisition or allegation on the match; nor is it a view of a disgruntled viewer complaining and cribbing about the cliche  But it’s just a way INDIA team is bats at-least the team I know and care about.

With 2 days left in the game and no signs of rain, we will have full 180 over of cricket. England would be riding high on the 207 run lead though would have like a bit more. That would leave little shy of 6 sessions for two teams to share, which would rule out any possibility of INDIA winning. Neither its 2001, Laxman-David have retired and oh yes Harbhajan isn't playing. It’s just Eden the only common denominator and we are not following on so no miracles.

Traditionalist would like to draw a Du-De inspiration and would jump in for a draw. What Francois and Abraham did was something heroic and something INDIA would have done in the past, not the current team. With pitch crumbling making Monty Python spit like a viscous cobra constantly at the batsman. Swan would be at the batsmen all the time drifting spinning and darting at the stumps. With a scuffed ball Jimmy’s accurate reverse swing will test batsman patience and technique, Finn’s pace and bounce would catch the batsman fishing.

See-the-ball-hit-the-ball would bat cautiously and punish lose deliveries giving a sense of re-assurance to the spectators and commentators. Who would speak about his application and his role in team and would credit or dis-credit to commentator’s curse cliche when a half defense would edge it to slips.
Double duty Che Guevara would bat and bat and boar the opposition out, I recon swan will get the better of him.
Bhisma-pita-ma would block indefinitely as if he is on Anna Hazare morcha and get into a shell where he forgets how to score and gets busted the first shot he plays
Virat would hit couple of cracking cover drive against the spin of swann, some sub-continental flicks of Monty and then would give a dolly to covers and look at the pitch.
Test specialist UV will bat as if he is playing minesweeper cautious defense, gets beaten by the spin, drives along the ground, straight sixes and finally gone with the straighter one.
Dhoni would bring the bat from all directions and ball would hit the bat. He would freeze until the No 11 comes to bat then out of no-where would score some mesmerizing shots and reach a respectable 50 and would be given a martyr status when he gets out.

Well I sincerely hope the above doesn't happen and the INDIAN teams proves me wrong as the many of you would. Lets see over the next 2 days what transpires. Comments are welcome.


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