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Cricket and Swimming Pool - Interesting thought

Have you ever noticed in a public swimming pool where the people density is the highest, it is at the shallow areas. With feet grounded and nose above the water level every one seems to be a winner. It is the only place where a beginner & expert are at par. If you zoom in a bit, you see that those are the ones who seem to be enjoying the most, jumping, peddling & splashing around. They always are keen on getting more attention from the crowd for various reason apart from swimming.

But there is a radically different scene happening at the other end of the swimming pool, where people are swimming intensely putting their head down without bothering about attention. Their strokes are perfect and feet peddling in sync making it look ridiculously easy. They are there because they technically sound enough to sustain the fact that their feet no longer touch the ground and water level is past their nose. As the time elapses owing to energy drain or lack of stamina one can easily separate the best from the rest, and the gap between them keeps increasing, the more these people swim.

Twenty20 and Test matches are no different from shallow and the deep areas of the swimming pool respectively. The fact that anybody can win in a T20 on his day makes it far me exciting and hence seeks in lot of attention. But the real connoisseurs of the game(read: test match watchers) would hate it calling it rubbish and would rather love to watch a dead Test match where winner is known before the toss(read Ashes), rather than getting a glimpse of T20.

Just as in a Quality Assurance reducing the bar level doesn't always guaranty quality products, reducing the number of overs in cricket neither guaranties QUALITY CRICKET nor would guaranty quality players. But what it guaranties is the sheer quantity that would guaranty dollars in quick time and that is what drives cricket and for that matter even the SWIMMING POOL.

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Manish said...

Test Post

Noor said...

simply awesomeeeeeeeeee.... I have always thought of T-20 and real cricket in these lines.. The way you have compared cricket with swimming is just toooooooo good...
dude, I feel this blog needs more highlighting and more audience for their opinion. It should have been in TOI(cricket) blogging section :)
Anyways, great one dude!


Sanjeev Kulkarni said...

Gives one an impression about your involvement in the game of cricket and your analytical bent of mind in this regard! Good post!!!

avk said...

Hey manish,Good analogy! I liked the swimming pool part better than the cricket one! Impressive denim backdrop for the blog! keep it up!--Dodamma.

Anand Ramadurg said...

Whatever you said will definitely agreed by most of the 'true' cricket lovers, But, Should we really care about quality of cricket as long as we are getting entertained by either test or 20-20 matches.......


Manish said...

@ Noor I am Humbled

@ Sanjeev U know How much I am involved in CRICKET

@ Avk , I am glad to draw interest from a non cricket reader :)

@ Anand Entertainment factor is good in short run , but in the longer run one needs quality cricket as well. One can't have dosa every day , need to annna sambar for survival as well

EveryLetterCounts said...

the debate over what is pure cricket, T20 or Test match has been there from the time T20 started or rather even before. Never has been such an analogy done though. I liked it.
I do wonder whether people said the same when ODI started.
A true cricketer will show his adaptability in both versions of the game. Gilli hits sixes in both T20 and ODI and in Test matches as well. Dravid becomes the highest scorer for RCB team even though he is associated more with Test matches than T20. But i agree it is difficult to predict T20 games than Test matches. It was as if someone turned the winning team ladder upside down in IPL as we saw. But hey isn't that what everyone wants. Fast action, unpredictability, new innovative shots and sometimes classic cricket shots, rope in best players across the world, find new talents not to forget the stars of bollywood and cheer leaders ;). It is as they say cricketainment and i have no qualms about it. Although i lack patience to watch even that end to end..maybe i should try meditation :)

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