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Shande of fame brought up a nice post on Independence Status Messages about how status messages varied from person to person living in and out of INDIA.

When I was young, the only day I thought about "PATRIOTISM" or the feeling of being an INDIAN was on 15 Aug. Listening to "Hai Mere Watan Ke Logo" by Lata Mangeshkar or "Mere Desh ki Dharti". Watching the parade on TV, the hoisting of tricolor, eating chocolates and sweets and ofcourse idly vada for breakfast etc. I thought patriotism was only sacrificing once's life for the country as the jawans do. This was how we were taught in school isn't it?

In 6th sem File Structure class, lecturer mentioned about author Raghuram Krishan, using INDIAN names in his examples and mentioned about he being PATRIOTIC. I never got it.In WC2003 Sachin in his Man Of Match award interview said, "INDIA has never lost to PAKISTAN in WC". My friend said 'look at his patriotism’; I had a question mark on my face.The way my friend Yashas patriotically talk about how good Indian Army was, or how good INDIAN scientists were always puzzled me.

All these things made sense to me when I came to US for my Master's. I began to follow more and more about INDIAN news, movies, and Kannada movies to be precise. All the bomb blasts and road accidents touched my heart. Any news involving an INDIAN name in global market like L Mittal, I Nooyi, S Jha etc would make me feel great and privileged. Finding an INDIAN in top official names in my company always made me feel good.

Now can some one tell me if this is PATRIOTISM or just DESIGIRI as some would claim?

Probably you express things a lot more when you away from you home conditions,

Only a James Anderson can appreciate when the ball swings and gets an outside edge in the flat sub continent pitches.


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