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29 th state of INDIA

I thought a good place to start my blog would be the place where most of the software companies started "the bay area", (I call it the 29th state of INDIA) which is between San Francisco (SFO) & San Jose(SJ). Cost of living increasing from San Jose to San Francisco, so most people(including me ) stay close to SJ and travel towards SFO.

Desis concentrating mostly around SJ area, where you see only Honda n Toyota in comparison to Merc, BMW, Lexus, Ferrari, Porsche etc in SFO area. The weather here varies between 55 F to 75 F (when it varies from -4 F to 100 F in some places), thats a real bonus in US, idea temperature for Desis to expand their empire. For the first time here in US I could hear children cry and yell in shopping malls ( donno why only Desi children cry ). You can see parents and senior citizens walking and shopping with small bag on their shoulder, or going for morning walk in parks. You can see the Desi attitude while they drive and shop here. Let alone the customers ,the sales person in bank, security guards in office, taxi drivers are all Desis. Its good in one way that our feel good factor increases and things go smooth and easy.

Well in Corporate offices its fun you find only Tandoori chicken (Desis) and Chili chickens (Chinkies). And wide variety of Desis, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Assam. And each trying to speak in their own accent, its fun thought listening to it. And here and there you will here the whar ( where ) har ( hair ) , simbly ( simply ) also you hear apadiya, enna solla, cheppu, kai zhala etc in their typical accent, all these make you feel at home. But one thing I must accept that INDIANS clean your doubts in the nicest and most simple way.

Plate meal at "saravana bhavan" and Dosa n Filter coffee "madras coffee " will make you feel heaven on earth making you feel home away from home.


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